LAPD RPG Database

Welcome to the LAPD RPG Database where you can find quick information on department and group information. Please note anything on our database supercedes information from real life sources as we are only based on the LAPD and do not necessarily follow everything to the letter. Check with a member of staff if you are unsure but generally any real life source will be accepeted if not overriden by this database.

IMPORTANT New Member Information

How to Join the LAPD
Department Ranks/Pay Grades (Sim Canon)
LAPD Department Manual
Radio Identifiers (Sim Canon)
Radio Codes (Sim Canon)
77th Street Area Community Police Station Website (Official LAPD)
77th Street Area Map (Sim Canon)

Offical LAPD Resources

LAPD Website
LAPD Recruitment Site
Inside the LAPD (Lots of Fantastic Info on units, links to various things.)
LAPD Polices and Procedures
LAPD Department Manual (Important)
LAPD Basic Car Zone Lookup - Lookup by address/intersection what car would be assigned to an icnident.

Items marked with (Sim Canon) denote items that may override real life resources and are canon to the group for writing purposes.