Code 594 Investigation Pt. 1

Posted on Sat Nov 23, 2019 @ 5:09am by Police Officer III Alex Ryan & Police Officer II Angelica Passolini

Mission: Cleaning up the Mayhem
Location: 77th street, Unit 12Q1
Timeline: Sat June 1, 1500ish

The vehicle was quiet as Angelica had been placed in the driver's seat. Calls were backed up, it made her think of that old show her dad watched, Car 54 where are you, with those guys from The Munsters.

Their MDT had a list of calls that had been holding for a while. One bite at a time.

Alex closed the cargo hatch on their Explorer and walked around to the front passenger side. He climbed in, closing the door and reaching for his seatbelt. He perused the MDT for calls in their assigned response areas.

"Let's head over to 79th and Western. Check out this vandalism call at the community resource center." He said pointing to the call on their MDT with a grin. "I dunno about you, but I haven't had lunch yet and I know D's take out grill is just up the block from there."

She nodded, "Sounds good to me." There was something about the fries she did enjoy, for someone who had trained in classical cooking and had worked in a high-end restaurant out here, she did enjoy a good greasy burger or chicken sandwich. As they pulled on to the street she began to head to their call.

Alex radioed into control, the central dispatch that they were en route to the call and hung the microphone back up. Rolling his head slightly he worked some of the kinks out of his neck. "Gonna be a long shift working through all this junk from last night and whatever else comes in today." He observed as he turned his head to look out the window.

Pulling out into the street she responded, "Yeah, we're going to be running our asses off." She checked the intersections. and headed straight ahead. It was dinner rush writ large. She always remembered the rushes either behind the line or at the bar. The one downside with evening or overnights, when the sun hit it made her adjust her sunglasses to prevent glare.

"You know Passolini," Alex observed with a smirk, "we could get you a booster seat, help keep the sun out of your eyes." He chuckled as he reached for a bottle of water at his feet. "Maybe even adjust the pedals?"

She looked at him briefly, she'd heard it before. "I dunno my dad used to let me sit in his lap and steer. Though that would look very weird in a shop."

"I generally don't do playtime while I'm on the clock unless it's blowing something up." He commented as he glanced sideways at her. "Off the clock, if you want to try that, then that's a different story. I mean my Mustang will have about the same amount of room once I push the seat back."

There was a brief pause as Angelica just realized what she had said and the flush in her face was something to behold, "Oh god, I just said something stupid." There was some muttering in Italian, or her mixed verbiage Italian. It wasn't traditional but more of a mix of Italian, Sicillian best dubbed, 'guinea' 'way to sound like some sex-starved badge bunny.'.

Alex turned fully to face her, a.mixture of amusement, confusion, and interest playing across his features at her words. "Slow down a minute woman, my Italian is a little rusty. Did you just call me a sexy badge hopper?" He asked, doing his best not to look at her in any sort of appraising manner until he got this straightened out. "I mean if that's a compliment I'll take it. You're not too bad yourself."

Just her luck, he spoke Italian, why wouldn't he, this day just gets better and better. "Uhh thanks." At this point, perhaps a plane crash, no two planes into each other, maybe even a plan full of cute puppies into a plane transporting kids with really big eyes it would at least get them not thinking that she just sounded like a total idiot again. If this kept up maybe she could regress completely to high school and get zits again.

"Normally I'd at least do dinner before anything like that would happen." He said off handedly, "Unless I found someone at the bar after a long night of beers and shots anyway." He didn't mention that those long nights of drinking were usually after one of his nightmare episodes. There were just some memories you couldn't shake, no matter how much you might want to.

She just stared at him for a brief second then back to the road, up ahead, thank god was that where their call was? or was it something else, damn something else, "don't look at me, last time I was out somewhere I was in the back turning out plates."

"Wait, you haven't been out for dinner since you joined the force? Come on, don't bullshit me." He shook his head in disbelief. She was an Officer II, so at least two, more likely three years time in uniform. It wasn't possible to not go out to eat in that amount of time, was it?

"Depends, you mean like take out, or a food truck court, I've done that but sit down table cloths and all that, Nope, not in 2 and a half years, too many flashbacks to a lunch or dinner rush."

"Flashbacks I can understand." Alex said as he looked back out the window. "Some things just don't let go." He said quietly.

There was another awkward pause, "Sounds like mine are nothing compared to yours." She commented, "My grandpa served in Vietnam, so yeah I'll shut up now, my complaints about picky eaters when you're in the weeds seem like nothing."

"Everyone has their own demons to deal with. I'll take getting shot at over working in retail or food service any day." He snorted with a shake of his head. "The idiots we deal with on a daily basis out here are bad enough, but the idiots you suffer through in retail? No thanks."

"Worst was serving drinks, hipsters." She chuckled, "They think they're either experts on what they ordered, and have very specific orders, and then nitpick, it's like 'you want to make this pal hop behind."

"Those idiots ruin everything they touch." Alex snorted. "I worry what kind of kids they'll end up raising. God help us if they ever start joining PD in any real numbers."

That got a snicker, "My cousin says the same thing but substitute Marines for Police. She's a cryppie." Then she spotted the community center, a minister outside and some tagging on the side of the building. There were some people looking at it and the Explorer pulled up.

"Even Jarheads have their uses." Alex chuckled as he understands his seat belt. " I was Army, went Ranger as soon as I was able. Made for interesting times in Iraq."

" I bet." SHe went over the air "12 Queen 1 on scene."

"10-4" came over the radio.

They got out of the vehicle and headed over. She studied the graffiti with a practiced eye.

"Amateurs new to their craft." Alex said with an arched eyebrow. "Doesn't look like any gang tags I'm familiar with."

"Two Treys, they're more active in Newton, I used to have run-ins now and then when I was there." She paused, "This isn't their turf so either they're branching out, or someone's just tagging to tag. " She stood up, after getting a picture.

"Great," Alex said with a sigh, "we're gonna have to get the gang unit down here to take a look and investigate in detail."

She nodded, then she looked around seeing a food truck in one side, "I wonder if the owners of that truck saw anything?"

"If you wanna go check, I'll make contact with our caller." Alex agreed, noting the younger looking man sweeping up the sidewalk near the resource center.

"Let's talk to the caller first, get a time frame." She said, "Otherwise I'm over there with little info." The truck would still be there, running over too fast and she could have no information to gather or too much information, which is just as bad.

"There aren't exactly a lot of camera's around here," Alex reminded her as they approached, "we might not get much of anything anyway. This isn't exactly a neighborhood where every store can afford camera's and security systems."

"Yeah well, not every store on the street needs a security system anymore Sarge." Said the man who had been sweeping the sidewalk as he turned around with a grin. "I know that voice anywhere. Used to hear you yelling all the time."

"Rigo, what the hell are you doing here?" Alex asked as he tried his best to wipe the shocked look off his face. "Last I heard you re-upped and were going back across the pond."

"Yeah I did, left a leg over there my last trip." The Hispanic man shrugged and lifted the left leg of his jeans slightly revealing a few inches of titanium. "So Uncle Sam fixed me up, cut me loose, and here I am, back in the old neighborhood."

"Damn, sorry to see that brother." Alex shook his head as the two men hugged briefly. "Didn't knock your spirit much I see though."

"Shit, you know nothing keeps me down Sarge." Rigo laughed and looked at Passolini, "You gonna be nice and make with the introductions or make me do it myself?"

"Go get bent smartass," Alex smirked as he stepped back. "Officer Passolini, meet my buddy Corporal Juan Rodriquez. He was in my squad my as one of my team leaders my second tour in Iraq. Rigo, meet Officer Passolini, my partner for the day."

Angelica did smile, "Pleasure to meet you" and shook hands with the man.

"So, who found the new artwork Rigo?" Alex asked, removing his notepad once they had concluded the pleasantries.

"I did Sarge. Found it a little before zero eight, before the Padre got here. I called and reported this shit at zero eight jefe and its fifteen fragging hundred now. You people always make John Q public wait seven hours for a response mano?" Rigo asked in plain annoyance, crossing his arms over his chest. "That's some bull and you know it."

"I dunno what to tell you brother, the precinct got swarmed with calls last night and this morning." Alex explained with a shrug. "Almost like it was a full moon on Halloween or something. Passolini and I both were on other details this morning and once we got back to the station we hit the street and here we are." He said indicating his partner with his pen. "You're frustrated and have good reason to be, but this is a low priority call my man. It's just like doing triage in the field. A sucking chest wound goes out before a toothache right?"

"Yeah I guess man." Rigo sighed, deflating slightly. "But yeah, some of the boys and I were here until about oh one and there wasn't anything here when I locked the doors. Came in at eight and found this crap." He said jerking his head towards the graffiti.

"You were here until zero one in the morning?" Alex repeated as he wrote down the times. "A little late for resource work my dude."

"Padre lets me and some other vets get together in the back room and do our own support group kinda thing once a week ya know? Get out of the house, get together with guys who've seen the shit we have and understand. Drink some beers, vent and bitch about what's going on in the world or at home and play cards. It's like our own little USO." Rigo explained with a grin. "Hell you oughtta join us Sarge."

"Maybe I will." Alex agreed. "Any security cameras or anything like that Rigo? Anything that might have caught a look at our local artists?"

"Nah Sarge. We on a shoestring budget here right? We can't afford no cameras or motion sensors, or any of that gear we're used to."

"Gotcha." Alex nodded. "Passolini, you got questions?"

"See anyone hanging around?" She asked after jotting down what he had already said, "Especially what you can recall after you left?"

"Shit chica, it was deserted out here when we rolled out." Rigo shrugged. "You see a bar on this street? They the only joints open at that time of morning. Wasn't no one around this place but us when we left."

"So sometime between one in the morning and say probably six, maybe six thirty at the outside. Be too bright out to be tagging up places on the side of a main avenue like this one after that." Alex nodded thoughtfully as he made a note to see when sunrise was that morning. "Gives our artists about five hours to do their thing."