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A Little Dispute, Part I

Posted on Thu Nov 14, 2019 @ 8:35pm by Senior Lead Officer Tara Hansen & Police Officer I Carla Rike

Mission: Cleaning up the Mayhem
Location: W 78th ST & S Hobart BLVD [1253]
Timeline: SAT 1 JUN 2019, 1533

Rike had nearly finished getting everything ready. It didn't surprise her at all that she was with Hansen, because, after all, she was somewhat new to this, at least compared to Hansen. But the backlog of calls meant that they'd be going from one place to the next and she just hoped, in the end, she could keep everything straight.

Looking over the list that was for their area, Carla let out a heavy sigh. The word of those she'd talked to prior to her shift start didn't do this justice. They said it would be busy but this was more than she expected.

Tara got into the driver's side of the patrol car just as Carla was letting out her sigh, "not feeling it today, huh Boot?"

Hearing the voice, "Hmm? Oh, sorry. Heard it would be busy but didn't realize just how busy. I'm ready for the day, don't worry." She got into the passenger side and shut her door.

"I hope so," Tara said, as she started up the shop and grabbed the radio microphone. "Twelve-Sam-Fifty-Three, Clear."

"Twelve-Sam-Fifty-Three, West 78th Street and South Hobart Boulevard for a motor vehicle accident no injuries. Black Toyota Corolla and a red pickup. Code two."

"Sam-Five-Three responding," Tara responded. "What's going on, Boot?" Tara asked as the call popped on the MDT.

Pulling up the information, Carla read over what had popped up. "Nothing more yet than what we just heard on the radio. Looks like that is all of the information they have so far."

Almost as if on cue, the CAD chimed and a new note appeared:


And then another appeared:


Before Hansen could ask or Rike could report the updates the radio beeped twice, "Twelve-Sam-Fifty-Three upgrade to Code 3 reports of a dispute now in progress. Any additional unit respond code 2, identifty."

"Sam-Five-Three roger," Tara said, over the microphone.

"Twelve-X-Ray-Fifty-Five responding," a voice added, which was acknowledged by the dispatcher.

"Good some backup," Tara said. "Hopefully they'll be coming from close to the line and not the other side of their zone.

"And it looks like they beat me to reporting the Code Three. I hope the same as you, else we will be handling this on our own for a bit." Rike mentally prepared herself for the dispute now since it wasn't just a car accident.

"If we're lucky they'll get smart before we get there," she said, as they responded from the station to their response area. "Of course we'd get stuck in the area where our second unit is tied up all day," she sighed. "But what can you do?"

They proceeded through traffic as safely as they could, Tara wasn't big on driving like a maniac as some of her coworkers seemed to like. She'd had it banged into her head by Sergeant Roe, who was a POIII and her TO when she came out of the academy, that a cop who caused another incident, got hurt, or killed helped no one.

Carla couldn't help but smile a little, "Smoother ride than I've had recently," she stated as she tried to see if she could find where they were headed down the road. "Unfortunately, that type of thing happens. I've been tied up almost a whole shift before on one call, and those turn into long days."

"We definitely don't have time for that today," she said. They arrived to the call with not much for discussion as Tara focused on getting them through traffic to their zone.

She sounded the air horn and the siren a few times as they parked just in front of where the group was fighting. It stunned them into turning to look at the car. One of them looked like they were about to take off but all three subjects retreated to their respective vehicles involved in the accident.

"Twelve-Sam-Five-Three code 6," Tara announced, over the radio. She immediately got out of the vehicle and then approached the group. "I trust that we're done with our little argument?" Tara said.

Both men began to speak loudly and Tara cleared her throat loudly, "enough."

"Officer Rike take the gentleman from the pickup and interview him by our car. I'll handle the couple over here," Tara said, motioning the couple over to where the damaged corolla was now parked on the side of the street.

"Of course," Rike said as she looked to the two from the pickup. "If you would come with me back here please?"

"Twelve-Sam-Fifty-Three, Code Four," Tara said, over the radio canceling the second unit.


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