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Posted on Wed Oct 30, 2019 @ 3:41am by Sergeant I Kevin Roe & Police Officer III Alex Ryan & Police Officer II Angelica Passolini

Mission: Cleaning up the Mayhem
Location: 77th Street Area HQ
Timeline: SAT 1 JUN 2019, 1615

"Passolini," Kevin called, walking into the enclosed area of the large front desk at the 77th Street Area Community Police Station. "I heard you were dumped in here when your detail was over you want to drive me?" he asked, giving the opportunity for one of his normal street officers to get sprung from behind a boring night on the desk.

She'd been assigned a foot detail and had been ordered in a couple of hours early to complete it. When she'd gotten in it apparently had been canceled and it wasn't until just now that Kevin had even been told.

This was better then the option of the desk, the desk meant crazies, crackheads, and a new part of this district, bored soccer moms complaining that the nice park near her house had those homeless people who were drinking, smoking and otherwise doing unhealthy things around little Kaydiean or however they had spelled the name of their unique child. The detail she had been called in on was the usual 'officer friendly' routine at a community center, which had been canceled so she responded, "Sure Sarge." While inside she was cheering. "Want me to get the unit ready?"

"It's ready to go already, just need your personal gear, I'll meet you out by the shop," Kevin said.

Kevin went through the squad room where he unexpectedly saw Officer Ryan, "Ryan you're done with your detail already?"

"Dunno what to tell you, Sarge," Alex shrugged as he finished draining a bottle of water, "I guess the locals decided they didn't want to play today. The supposed threat didn't materialize so they cut me loose early."

"Passolini's detail was canceled also," Kevin said. "I was going to have her drive me around but seeing as you're here I'll put you on together. Have you heard about what's been happening?"

"I talked to a couple of AM guys when I got back." Alex nodded. "Between them and the radio charter its shaping up to be something between a soup sandwich and a shit show out there Sarge." Alex tossed his empty water bottle into the recycling can beside him and sighed. " I get the feeling that it's probably not gonna quiet down before our watch ends."

"No, not likely," he said. "Grab your gear and meet me outback. Passolini was meeting me out at my shop with his," he told him.

"Whatever you say Sarge." Alex agreed and turned to go get his bag from his locker.

Kevin was leaning against the front of his freshly washed shop, it was one of the newest in the fleet assigned to the area but rank has its privilege. When the two eventually approached him he stood up straight, "gentleman."

"I'm going to have you sign on the air as Twelve-Queen-One and assist the units in the four highest problem areas from the chaos last night. Five-Three, Five-Five, Six-Three, and Six-Five."

"Unusual occurrence huh," Alex smirked as he dropped his best bag beside him, "fitting." He remarked with a chuckle.

"Yeah," Kevin nodded. "I told dispatch to expect you on the air shortly. Enjoy," Kevin said, getting into his own shop.

"Twelve-Lincoln-Ten, Clear," was broadcast over the radio, the watch commander was on the street.


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