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Posted on Tue Oct 29, 2019 @ 7:14pm by Sergeant I Kevin Roe & Senior Lead Officer Tara Hansen & Detective II Edward Nell & Police Officer III Emma Yost & Police Officer II Ana Lacasa-Vasquez & Police Officer II Alan Mori & Police Officer II Travis Swiggert & Police Officer I Carla Rike & Police Officer I Hailey Marshall & Police Officer I Dahlia Navarro & Detective I Alice Dubois

Mission: Cleaning up the Mayhem
Location: 77th Street Area Station, Patrol Briefing Room
Timeline: SAT 01 JUN 2019, 15:00

"Settle down everyone let's get to work," Sergeant Roe announced, as he entered the room. He went over to the whiteboard behind the podium and began writing out a list of names. Hansen, Yost, Lacasa-Vasquez, Mori, Swiggert, Rike, Marshall, Navarro were all included on the list.

As Hailey saw the Sergeant walk in and begin speaking she had a strange feeling in her throat, today things were finally starting to become real. She had worked for months to get here but to actually wear the uniform and be about to go out there was a different feeling entirely.

Carla hadn't really been talking to anyone as she was waiting for the Sergeant to arrive. She was more of a listener when it came to things like this. So that is what she did, she listened.

Dahlia Navarro was sitting towards the front as usual with a notepad on her knee. When she came into the station, she heard people talking about the rough night before. She was glad she woke up early to get her coffee on the way in, she was going to need it. Six months at 77th Street, but there were some days that it still felt like it was her first day there.

Ana entered with her notebook and pen already out in her hand and found an empty seat towards the back of the room. She intentionally sat alone so that she could focus on the morning briefing since she was running late and hadn't had the chance to have her coffee just yet.

Alan had sat towards the back. He had, well, seen the news that day and knew it was going to be a busy shift. Thankfully, he only had a brief errand to run for his sister, or he'd probably be more tired.

Having previously taken a seat near the middle Travis got out his legal pad and began to write. As he did he saw a couple of fresh faces. He made a point to welcome them later, but now he was focused on the sarge.

Emma settled into her seat and took out her notebook and looked over some previous notes and doodles if needed.

"Afternoon everyone, we are going to keep this short and sweet we have a lot to do. There are currently twenty-seven calls for service pending in the 77th Street Area. Chaos erupted overnight last night across the area but a few of our beats have been hit very, very hard. As of now the AM Watch cars assigned to 1253, 1255, 1263, and 1265 have been held over and will be on the air as X-Ray units."

Alice did always have to appreciate the understatement these reports tended to carry, if even half of what she had heard was true today was definitely going to be interesting. As she observed the room while listening she noticed several new faces in the room. Easily identified as rookies. She felt somewhat sad for them, crazy days were not a fun way to start.

"Twenty-seven pending." Travis jotted down. "Never a dull moment around here." He said more or less to himself as he listened. His mind went to all.kinds of different places trying to imagine what the calls may be, until he stopped himself.

Emma noted 27 and muttered about a possible full moon. She took a drink of water as the Seargent continued.

Having spoken to a few people before coming into the briefing room, Carla knew that the night before had been crazy, and that they would be busy on their shift. But having just heard the numbers, she realized just how busy it would be.

Alan noted details down, mentally wincing. Twenty-Seven pending calls means there was going to be some irritated people to deal with.

"As usual the beat assignments have been posted... so get to your shops and get out there and buy some calls. If your name is on the board you are to remain here otherwise get your gear and hit the streets... Mithcell and Lopez you two are going to be in twelve-adam-three and I believe you have a domestic holding so get moving." He said, waiting for the two officers to acknowledge and depart.

"Any questions before you guys go?" Kevin asked.

"Fantastic like I said if your name isn't on the board get out. If your name is on the board gather around," he said, coming from behind the podium toward the front left table in the briefing room.

Hailey had already been sitting at the front row so as the room emptied there really wasn't much moving to do. Alice meanwhile stepped away from the table she was standing at at the back and moved forward towards the Sergeant and the rest of the lucky few.

"Board? Oh right." Travis looked up to find his name was indeed there. He quickly put his pad back in his little messenger bag he always had. "Stupid zipper! There ya go." He said, face turning red. Note to self. Buy new bag. he thought while making his way to the table.

Spotting her name on the board, Carla moved up towards where the others were sitting, waiting to hear what they would be doing.

Dahlia had noticed her name was written on the board and she wondered, as the Sergeant spoke, what she was going to be assigned to do. She found a seat in the front by Hailey.

Hailey gave Dahlia a quick smile as she sat down next to her. At least to the extent she even could smile with her nerves.

Ana sighed heavily before standing up and moving to an open seat in the front row, "Alright," She muttered under her breath as she did so. Ana had noticed her name on the whiteboard and had assumed she would be staying that was typically what that meant anyway. She sat down and looked up with her notebook once more on her leg.

Alan moved up to the front-left table. He smiled amiably at the rookies.. and noting that it looked like Ana hadn't had coffee, voted against more than a murmured afternoon to her.

Emma moved forward and leaned against a table and waited. She had an idea where this was going.

Kevin approached the group as the rest of the officers filed out of the room to their shops, he waved the two detectives over as well.

"You all get to be the chosen few," Kevin announced. "You guys will be assigned to the zones that are our highest problem areas from last night. Each area will have its own X-Ray unit as I mentioned before. And I've also requested from the Detective Division a unit to dedicate to helping us with the higher-level investigation reports such as the two stolen cars which are both from those areas."

"I'd like to introduce Detective Nell and his new partner, a familiar face, Detective Dubois," he said, motioning to the two.

Ed who was standing furthest back gave a nod as the officers turned to face him.

Alice smiled at her fellow Officers, she knew getting a Detective assignment in the same area as where you did patrol was rare so she was very happy to still be serving with her friends. "Thank you, sarge" She replied.

"Welcome back," Tara said, with a giant smile at her friend.

Alice responded to the smile with one at least as large. "Thank you, it's good to be back home"

"Alright, so, we are going to have a little shakeup with the boots (POIs) today as well. "Hansen and Rike you'll be in fifty-three... Your zone has quite a few calls pending and the X-Ray unit is on a crime scene detail and will likely be a while," Kevin said, looking up from a clipboard in his hand to his Senior Lead Officer.

"Fantastic," Tara said, shaking her head. She turned to Rike in the group, "go get the shop ready boot."

With a heavy sigh, Carla nodded. "Understood. Sounds like it'll be a fun day." She picked up her notebook and nodded to the rest of them, realizing the day was going to be even busier.

"Watch it boot, you don't have to work here," Tara said, rolling her eyes at her trainee.

Carla bit her lip, "I apologize, sir. I will get everything ready."

Ana looked up and watched the exchange for a moment before looking back down at her notebook and muttering under her breath, "Oh to be a junior officer again," She made sure it was inaudible and a smirk danced across her face at the witty sarcasm.

"Next, we have Yost and Navarro in fifty-five," Kevin announced. "There is a pending domestic disturbance in your zone that occurred in the past. Buy that one first."

Emma nodded "Got it, Sarge." She said

Dahlia stood as the Sergeant called out her name and Yost's. She was always ready to prove herself. She frowned, domestic disturbances were tricky, but she was good at figuring out what people weren't saying. She looked to Emma, awaiting orders to get the shop ready.

Kevin stared at Dahlia as she stood there with a 'what are you doing' sort of look. After another moment, "Question boot?"

Dahlia shook her head. “No, sir.” She sat back down.

Emma smirked at her boot, she was eager and that could be a good thing or a bad thing. She would have to find out if Dahlia had been on a domestic yet. They were tricky and could be very dangerous.

Seeing everyone receive their orders, Hailey figured they were going to next. She moved to the one person with stripes on his sleeve left figuring he was probably her TO and awaited their orders.

"You two," Roe said, with a nod to Swiggert and the boot who just moved spots. "Sixty-three, you guys have one of the Code 37 vehicles in your zone. Details are on the daily report keep an eye out for it if the detectives need your help on the report they'll let me know and I'll assign you there," Kevin ordered.

Hailey nodded before turning to her superior. "Sir, do you want me to get the shop and your gear ready immediately or do you want anything else first"

"Ywah. That sounds great." Swiggert said Initiative. I like that. He thought. "Gotcha Sarge." He turned to Hailey. "I'll be at the shop in a few."

Hailey nodded in confirmation before respectfully nodding to the Sergeant and heading out of the Briefing Room to get everything ready. She was not going to fuck this up.

"And the last two," he said, looking to Ana and then Alan. "You guys also have one of the Code 37 vehicles but the complainant seems to have some sort of hook in the city council. The desk sergeant has already taken two calls from the councilwoman so this will be your priority. Go to the scene with Detectives Nell and Dubois and start there, questions from any of you?"

'Perfect', Nell thought to himself and shook his head no.

"Got it, sir. Red carpet it is" Alice said in confirmation.

Ana took a few notes quickly before standing up, tucking the notebook into her front pocket, and placed her thumbs through the belt loops to adjust her pants. After she was comfortable again, "Understood sir," She responded to him then looked towards Alan, "I'll go get the shop ready," Then Ana left the briefing room.

Alan shook his head. "Clear. Will start there." Calls that come from the council tended to be headaches, even if all involved were being cooperative.. but he doubted he'd be so lucky. Thankfully, some help was going with them.

"If you have any problems with the councilman or the complaintant give me a call and I'll come back you up. If there aren't any questions from any of you the rest of you are dismissed," Kevin said.

Emma looked at Navarro "Go set up shop. I'll grab some information and meet you in two minutes." She said as she moved over to grab her bag and get ready for her duty shift. It was going to be busy, she had seen some of the waiting calls for service.

Dahlia stood and nodded. "Yes ma'am." She replied and left to go set up shop.


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