The Incoming The Outgoing

Posted on Sun Oct 27, 2019 @ 8:25am by Detective II Edward Nell & Detective I Alice Dubois

Mission: Cleaning up the Mayhem
Location: 77th Street Area Detective Division Office
Timeline: SAT 01 JUN 2019, 14:30

Detective Edward Nell sat on the corner of his desk as he browsed through his texts and emails on his department-issued cellphone. He had reached out to his new trainee and probationary Detective I about meeting half an hour before role-call so they could introduce themselves to each other. His trainee would be reporting after having just graduated from the detective's academy yesterday.

He looked up as he heard the doors open and close to the division office and saw a young woman with a badge and gun on her belt. He didn't recognize her and assumed that it must be the newbie, "Dubois?" he asked.

Despite having been on the force for years, today Alice felt almost as green as the first day she walked through those doors in her patrol uniform. Today was nothing like that day though, today was the first day in the next chapter of the book that was going to be her life. She wasn't going to screw it up, when she heard who she was being partnered up with, she made sure to read up information on the man. It was one of the ways she learned he appreciated being on time.

"Yes, sir" Alice said with a smile as she continued to the man and extended her hand. "Alice Dubois"

"Ed Nell," he said simply, shaking her hand.

"Glad you came in early I just got asked if we would report to role with the Patrol Division. I guess they had quite a few things go down last night so they want to assign us to work that area with them."

"No problem at all, and yes I heard from a former partner in yesterday's shift that things were a bit crazy," Alice replied.

"I'm not sure exactly what they have on the list but I'm sure it's not great if they're assigning us to a geographical area. But I guess that we'll see what they have in store for us," he shrugged. "This will be your desk," he said, motioning to the one to the left his. "You're stuck with me until you finish probation or I get Lieutenant."

"Thank you, sir" She replied making note of the desk. "I'm sure there are worse people to be stuck with" She added, trying to ascertain to what extent there was going to be space for humor.

"This is true," he said, with a nod. "So tell me about yourself."

Alice nodded with a smile. "Well, as the accent and name probably give away I'm not quite from here but I've worked the 77th for the past few years. Worked my way up through Patrol and before that did a Masters in Comparative Criminal Justice. Outside of the job you can probably find me in a gym, library or the beach and until 7 months ago I was married to a lawyer who was screwing my partner behind my back. That's pretty much the summary of my current life" She replied frankly, focusing on more recent history so she could avoid talking about more difficult elements most likely on some of her personnel records.

"How long have you been with the department?" he asked, which wasn't evident by her rank nor the story she told. He hadn't looked through her file the TOs weren't generally just given that information.

"Four-five years, just long enough to qualify for the program" Alice replied.

"Okay," he said. "I've been here ten years," he told her. "Did five in patrol and five as a detective. I just took the Lieutenant's exam... And I'm from Delaware originally. I'm pretty boring... wife, two kids," he shrugged.

"Lieutenant, impressive. When will you hear the result?" Alice asked, actually interested albeit possibly for selfish reasons. If he was going to be promoted in the near future she really didn't look forward to getting a new partner every few weeks.

"Oh, with how things move in the bureaucracy of the city at least a few months," he said. "I imagine I'll have plenty of time to get you on your feet."

"Good to hear" Alice replied with a smile. "Should we head towards the briefing room?"

"We don't want to be too early, coffee first," he smirked. "To the break room."