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Police Officer I Hailey Marshall

Name Hailey Alicia Marshall

Position Probationary Police Officer

Rank Police Officer I

Character Information

Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 168cm
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Bluish Green
Physical Description Hailey is a tall and fit woman with a slightly paler than normal for the area complexion. She has a near perfect skin with no noticeable imperfections.


Spouse Andrew Mendez (Boyfriend)
Father Retired Lieutenant Michael Watson
Mother Amy Watson-Marshall
Brother(s) Jacob Watson
Sister(s) Chloe Watson
Gemma Watson
Other Family Deputy Chief Sean Watson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Due to the history of childhood abuse that continued into her teens, Hailey continues to have trouble with authority figures, especially male ones. Years of therapy have however brought her to a state where she can suppress those gut responses and obey orders given to her in the line of duty. Hailey seeks to get the most out of life and is very familiar with the party scene. As such she can be a handful at times to handle. Hot mess would not be an exaggeration. If she allows you to get through the many walls she has raised to protect herself and reach her, one will find a very sensitive and loving young woman.
Ambitions Hailey primarily joined the LAPD to get order in her life and do something meaningful, as such for now her ambitions are on self-improvement. Longer term however she would like to join an investigative unit, especially a counter-terrorism one.
Hobbies & Interests Partying

Personal History Born in the late 90s, Hailey was the firstborn daughter of Amy Watson-Marshall, a surgeon, and Michael Watson, a recently graduated Police Officer. She grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles and by all standards was an average child. She performed well in school and was extensively involved in extracurricular activities such as cheerleading. By all appearances her life and that of her family was the perfect example of the American middleclass.

That illusion broke however when at age 16 Hailey ran away from home, for a few months already she had been getting in touch with groups that could be considered questionable and she was heading in a very wrong direction. After an extensive search her uncle, then recently promoted to Captain in the LAPD, found her and wanted to take her home. When Hailey initially refused, he pressed her on why and reluctantly she revealed what she had kept secret for years. Her father had been developing a drinking problem and become abusive, while everyone in the family received some of it. Hailey got it worst, having suffered near constant abuse for the past eight years of her life. Threatened with the prospect of even more abuse if she ever told, Hailey had become distrustful of all authority and struggled with keeping the bruises and other marks hidden from her teachers and friends. After finding all this out, her uncle promised her she would never need to be afraid again and that he would take care of it. Until then she was welcome to stay at his home. Within days her father had resigned from the LAPD and divorce proceeedings were initiated, upon the conclusion of which he left Los Angeles never to return. Now for the first time in years truly safe, Hailey continued her education however there was still much psychological trauma to recover from for which she underwent treatment.

After graduating high school she already had plans to join the LAPD, but at the urging of her uncle would first explore options beyond law enforcement. Sociology seemed interesting to her and as such she went to College for a degree in that field. After graduating with distinction, she still knew she wanted a career in law enforcement. Even though she had issues with authority still. Having upheld her promise to first explore other options, her uncle happily recommended her for the Academy. Him now being a Deputy Chief, also gave that recommendation significant weight. To avoid favouritism however, and to avoid people thinking she got anything without having worked for it, she signed up under her mother's maiden name so she could truly advance on her own merits.
Service Record