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Police Officer I Carla Rike

Name Carla Rike

Position Probationary Police Officer

Rank Police Officer I

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Thin but muscular, works out when not on duty. Hair usually pulled back into a ponytail or a braid. Only down when off duty/not working out.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Samuel Rike
Mother Natalie Rike (Renate)
Brother(s) Anton Rike - Twin Brother, Deceased
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carla holds no want for revenge on those who killed her twin brother.
Hobbies & Interests Working out, reading, keeping up with her German.

Personal History Name is German.

Carla was born to Samuel and Natalie Rike and was born as a twin. She was the older of the twins, but only by a few minutes and never held it over her brother’s head. Growing up, though they lived in California and moved between a few cities, both Carla and Anton were treated fairly, but also grew up learning German.

Both of their parents were born and raised in Germany and met there. They moved for a job for Samuel before the twins were born, but only learned enough English to get by. The household was always speaking German.

Although their native language was English, and Samuel and Natalie made sure they learned that, Carla ended up with a slight accent due to speaking German with her parents so much. Anton did not like speaking German as much and didn’t develop the accent.

Originally planning on going to schooling for computer science, Carla focused on that all through school and wanted to find a college to fit her needs. However, everything changed one night during an after party for a high school football game. Carla had gone home but Anton had stayed out. She had this feeling that something was wrong with her twin brother, but still stayed in.

LAPD called near 1am the next morning and asked the family to come down to the station. Anton had been shot and killed by someone from the rival school (whether it was an adult or student is unknown) due to their loss. It was a random attack, but they would work on finding the one responsible. He wasn’t the only one killed that night, however, the killer was never found.

This changed Carla’s outlook on life. Instead of focusing on computer science, she changed to wanting to make sure this didn’t happen to another family, the unknown of what happened to a family member. She immediately informed her school of her change of mind and, although they were uneasy about it, her parents agreed and understood. She went through training to become a police officer the moment she was out of high school, but never wanted to leave LA.

The Academy went by fairly quickly, and Carla was running just above average in nearly everything. She wasn't quite as physically fit as she wanted to be prior to joining, but managed to keep up with everyone. Though she made a few friends, she wasn't one to go out all the time with them.

Shortly after, she was assigned, and started to feel like the new kid, even though she wasn't technically in school anymore.
Service Record Police Academy in Los Angeles, CA
Patrol Officer in Los Angeles, CA

Patrol Officer
Translator - German