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Detective I Alice Dubois

Name Alice Aurore Dubois

Position Detective

Rank Detective I

Character Information

Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Alice has a slim build and when off duty will often wear dresses on the shorter side or skirts with a tank top.


Father Jean-Philippe Dubois, sr.
Mother Kate Green
Brother(s) Jean-Philippe Dubois, jr.
Matéo Dubois
Sister(s) Chloe Dubois (Deceased)
Nathalie Dubois
Other Family Mark Davis (Divorced)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite her experiences, Alice has a highly social and kind personality, to help people has always been natural to her and as such a career where service was key became a logical choice. She also is incredibly curious, with her becoming committed to finding something out as soon as she encounters something unknown to her. Last but certainly not least, many would describe her as quite flirtatious. Close friends and family will often use the nickname Rora for her.
Ambitions The ambitions of Alice within her career are the proverbial limits in the sky. While she started with few, in recent months she has set herself the goal of becoming the first female and youngest Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Hobbies & Interests Surfing, reading, krav maga

Personal History Alice was born in central Los Angeles as the daughter to Jean-Philippe Dubois and Kate Green, having both the French and American nationalities from birth, her parents moved to France when she was one year old as both parents had found better jobs there. Her father had secured a senior level job with Thales while her mother worked as a consultant for US companies seeking to do business in France. This background provided Alice and her siblings with everything they could possibly desire. Despite both parents having busy jobs, they still made sure to always dedicate time to their children and at the very least being there before they went to bed at night. Despite this dedication, the children however would still be mostly raised by their nanny.

As soon as she started going to school, it quickly became clear that Alice had very much inherited her intelligence from her parents. She often excelled compared to her peers and very early on displayed curiosity and logical reasoning beyond that which was to be expected for someone her age. In her interactions with her fellow classmates however she would never show herself as particularly spoiled or denigrating to those that didn't perform quite as well. Instead where possible she tried to help others in improving themselves. This pattern held throughout her education and young life until a life-changing event happened at age 16. Her parents and brothers had gone to see a football game while Alice stayed home, not being much of a fan of the sport and to keep an eye on her younger sisters. Not expecting anyone to be home a group of armed thieves broke into the home. Responding quickly to the situation she hid Nathalie in a closet but before she could hide Chloe as well or call the police the robbers had already found her and forced themselves on both her and Chloe before finishing what they had come to do and steal most of the easily moved valuables, the torture had lasted for hours with both sisters unable to defend themselves. Later police investigations would find out that the robbers (members of an Albanian gang) had been watching the mansion for months, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

The trauma of the situation affected Alice's personality and educational performance. Only through the help of a psychologist was she able to overcome it after two years and learn to live again. Alice had always wanted to enter a career where she would help people but the initial response from the police officers that had come to the scene of the crime and the kindness of later investigators made her want to pursue criminology. As later therapy sessions would uncover, her curious nature had come into it as well with a desire to learn why the men who had imposed such trauma on her and her sister would act in such a cruel way. Unfortunately, France had very few programs of the sort so she first pursued the Security Studies Bachelors at Leiden University in The Netherlands followed by a Masters in Comparative Criminal Justice as that same university. Both degrees would be completed summa cum laude (a distinction indicating the performance was near-perfect). The day she graduated from her masters however brought very little joy. While Alice had eventually overcome the experience, Chloe had never been able to and devolved into a history of substance abuse. Mere hours after concluding her thesis defence, a call came from German police that they had found Chloe and that she had died of an opioid overdose.

The loss of her sister, and only other person in the world who knew what she had gone through, nearly broke Alice again if she did not have the support of her parents, other siblings and perhaps most importantly the boyfriend she had gained in her first year at Leiden. Mark Davis was an American who had also come to Leiden to study from the same program but dropped out after the first year and instead pursued a legal degree. The LA native had spent months courting Alice before she finally agreed to a date and their relationship blossomed over the years. While after graduating Alice had essentially the ability to choose any position she could possibly want, the desire to have a change of scenery after everything made her join him back home where she applied for the LAPD. After completing the required training and with her US citizenship by birth, she joined the ranks of the PD as a patrol officer in 2015. In that same year she also married Mark who had joined a high profile firm. While many would consider being a Patrol Officer to be well below her level, Alice enjoyed being on the ground and actually experiencing what she had studied in real life.

On the personal front by all indications they were a happily married couple, until in 2018 Alice came home early from a patrol to surprise Mark for his birthday only to find him in bed with her best friend and partner. Without saying a word, she walked out of the room, left her keys on the kitchen table and went to a rival firm to initiate divorce proceedings. While she had so far had little ambition to move out of patrol operations, she now needed to change something in her life other than her personal relationships and as such she applied for one of the open Detective positions, citing both her academic qualifications and actual experience as well as some specific operations she had helped in. To her joy she was accepted in early 2019 and promoted to Detective.
Service Record MSc Comparative Criminal Justice, Leiden University
BSc Security Studies, Leiden University
Patrol Officer