General Rules

1) All members must be eighteen years of age or older.
2) All members are subject to the charter and by-laws of the 22nd Fleet.
3) All members are required to follow the content restrictions for adult content as posted below.
4) All members are expected to follow posted activity requirements below.
5) All members are expected to follow posted rules regarding post content and requirements below.
6) All matters are subject to the discretion of the Staff with final authority resting with the Game Master.
7) Character restrictions may be enforced by the staff as necessary for game management purposes.
I8) Rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification, however, a notification will be made upon updates made to the rules page with exception of grammatical/spelling changes.

Adult Content

Activity Requirements

4A) All members are required to join the Discord Server and are encouraged to be an active participant in our Out of Character community.
4B) All members are required to respond to active Joint Posts within 72 hours unless on a declared Leave of Absence.
4C) All members are required to make one post per character per month.
4D) All members are required to make one on duty and one off duty post per character (as applicable) during the "In-Character Month".
4E) All members are required to make posts with assigned calls for service as begun by a Staff Member via the start of a JP or via PM on the Nova.

Post Content/Requirements

5A) Incidents in-character should not copy directly any real-life event especially large scale events such as terrorist incidents or active shooting events.
5B) Large scale incidents and incidents that will greatly alter the city living need to be approved by Staff FIRST. We are looking to maintain a realistic city environment.
5C) When posting please be sure to include a general location and full date in time in the correct fields when making a post. Do not use the tag section.
5D) When posting please be sure to utilize all information on the wiki and "mission notes".
5E) When posting please use appropriate action in writing for items such as radio communication and thought do not utilize symbols for actions such as astricts, etc.
5F) Remember this sim is to be realistic all residences, vehicles, and personal property should be realistic for pay for the department's personnel. Information regarding salary and compensation will be provided on the database.

Character Restrictions

At this time we are requiring that all members of the sim have their primary character be a member of the Patrol Division of the 77th Street Area of the LAPD. Additional characters and special NPCs may be added once a member has established themselves within the group. As we grow additional opportunities and in-character promotional opportunities will be given.